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Non Executives

Jemco Executive seeks to understand each client’s strategic goals, specific leadership roles and competencies required to meet strategic goals, as well as the culture that new board members need to posses in order to drive desired results. This service is tailored to the specific requests of each client. Our team is capable of assembling recommendations and compiling a list of new candidates to create a complete board selection at stock listings or startups, as well as replacing single board members. We ensure that the selections are both presented and secured within the agreed time frame. We also offer services to conduct independent audits of existing boards to ensure competency, composition, depth, and succession are adequately addressed and in any case, we will facilitate the introduction of viable candidates who otherwise may have not be considered. We recognise that board member selections are part of a strategic asset and that compiling a portfolio of necessary competencies can create a competitive advantage for our client’s team. Jemco Executive is committed to delivering a superior client experience and desired results.

Jemco Executive has the best overview of candidates in Norway through our board portal. Her, candidates makes themselves available for board positions, with documented and relevant knowledge. We secure a discreet and personal follow-up as well as anonymous searches through

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Contact us directly for board evaluation. Jemco Executive has well developed tools and long experience from board evaluation. For in-depth evaluation, we collaborate with Human Content.