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Privacy statement for Jemco Executive AS

We at Jemco Executive AS take privacy seriously and you as a candidate for a job can be confident that we protect your information and respect your privacy. Our gathering- and use of your personal information is subject to current privacy legislations. This Statement (\"Privacy Statement\") describes our processing of personal data.

The privacy statement contains the information you are required to receive in connection with the gathering of information about you in connection with our recruitment process. You also get general information about how we collect, process and protect your personal information.

Jemco Executive AS is the subject responsible for the personal information we collect about you, as described in this Privacy Statement. We are responsible for processing your personal information in a safe and legal manner. You can contact us at: , if you wish to access information we have about you.

For any of the personal information we collect about you, we need your consent. Consent statement is attached under Contact and Send your CV.

For easier understanding of this Privacy Statement we have defined some terms:

Personal information is any information that can be directly or indirectly linked to you as an individual or to other individuals.
The processing of personal data is any use of personal data, including collection, storage, modification, assembly, extradition and deletion.
The subject responsible for processing is also responsible for processing the personal information and the one who determines the purpose of the collection and use of the personal information (in our case, this is Jemco Executive AS).
Treatment basis is the basis for processing personal information, either in the form of consent or legal basis.

The Registrar is you when we collect information from you in connection with the recruitment processes.

What kind of personal information do we treat?
Jemco Executive needs a mandate from our client to find the right candidate for a specific positions. In connection with recruitment for specific positions, we collect information from public sources such as Bizweb, LinkedIn, Homepages, news and such about current candidates.

Candidates who are shortlisted for positions will be contacted by us to ask if they are interested in the current position. If interested, we will request CVs, testimonials, references, conduct interviews and prepare assessments about the candidate's suitability for the position. Jemco Executive does not collect or distribute sensitive personal data.

The information about you will be stored with us, and transferred to the appropriate customer, with the consent of you for recruitment purposes.

If there is a requirement under applicable privacy legislation, Jemco Executive AS will obtain your explicit consent for processing your personal information, pursuant to this Privacy Statement, see Consent Statement below. You may withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us at

Handing out of personal data
Information registered about you will not be disclosed to a third party unless you consent to this, or there are legal grounds or a court order for the disclosure of such data.

If you wish to be eligible for a position and agree to that, we will send your resume together with our candidate report to the company that will recruit.

Your rights
If you want access to the information stored about you or you would like further information on how we process any personal information, please contact

You are entitled to:

  • Know about which and gain access to the information we have registered about you (subject to the restrictions provided by applicable legislation),
    require correct or unnecessary, defective or outdated personal information to be corrected or removed,
  • Retrieve any consents at any time to process personal information that you have provided. Please note, however, that this may lead us to no longer deliver some of our services to you.
    Require that the personal information we process for you can be delivered in a structured, widely used and machine-readable format that allows you to bring the information to another business.

Storage. Deletion and correction
We will store your personal information for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes stated in this Privacy Statement, unless a longer storage period is imposed or permitted under applicable law or with the consent of you. Retention of anonymous information is not subject to such limitations or requirements.

In addition, we try to ensure that personal information is updated and correct and that we do not store any information that is unnecessary in relation to the purposes of processing personal data.

How do we secure your personal information?
Jemco Executive AS has internal rutines, procedures and security measures to ensure safe and secure processing of your personal information. We have an internal security officers who have the highest responsibility to safeguard information and security in general, and secure processing of personal information in particular. Our personnel receive training and guidance on how to handle personal information safely. We have routines and access control to prevent unwanted and unauthorized access to your personal information. We also have procedures and measures that prevent personal data loss, as well as loss and destruction of the systems where personal information is stored. We ensure that the processing of personal data is done correctly and safely and that the treatment is protected against harmful software.

We ensure that personal information is protected in connection with the transfer of personal information internally, or to any external and is obliged to ensure that such external persons who process the data comply with a satisfactory level of security. Any threats to data security are handled efficiently, and security and the protection of personal data is part of the daily work of our business. We comply with the requirements for the protection and safeguarding of personal data as provided by applicable privacy laws.

Any breach of security practices is documented and we have procedures and capacity to detect and deal with any breaches of security.

If a security breach is detected, this is reported to the management, injury risk is mapped, Datatilsynest is notified when necessary and we notify you as a user if the breach poses a risk to you and your rights.

How to contact us?
Jemco Executive AS is responsible for processing personal information in accordance with this Privacy Statement. For questions and inquiries regarding our processing of personal information, please contact