• Executive Search

When your company wants an executive aproach and treatment of potential candidates. We make a full market analysis and present the best available potential. The process includes the preparation of the requirement specification, research and contact with candidates, interviews, assessments of candidates, individual reports and reference reports. Excpected time frame is 2 to 3 months.

• Search

For several key positions often in combination with adverts. We will scan the market and forward potential candidates as they are revealed to us. We will assist and advice throughout the prosess. Expected timeframe is dependent on your schedule. 


• Express Search

When there is no time to spare. We will swiftly identify and present relevant candidates for your evaluation. Or contact candidates at your demand. Expected time frame is 1 month.


• Outplacement - Coaching

When it is important to ensure professional and good treatment of key employees when leaving your company. Personal follow-up with specific recommendations, to improve the candidate's interest and capabilities in the market. We have certified consultants with extensive experience in outplacement and coaching for individuals or groups. The duration of the program is minimum 3 months.